Revolutionary employee/real estate programs for large enterprises

In cooperation with individual businesses and centers for higher education, Craig Stevens with AZ-US Real Estate (an independently owned and operated business affiliated with Keller Williams Biltmore Partners) has created a new and innovative program for larger organizations designed to enhance the desired levels of:


  • new employee obtainment
  • employee experience and overall satisfaction
  • employee absenteeism
  • employee turnover

The program is based upon the theory that an employee’s personal real estate needs and portfolio has a measurable impact on the metrics for the items listed above. Most often, organizations may provide programs for specific purposes such as new hire or transfer relocation. Other than perhaps some internal intranet items and generally available web/social media tools however, little if anything is done from a company’s perspective to ensure an employee’s personal real estate needs and affiliated education are met.

Given that firms have become increasingly engaged in providing assistance in many other aspects of their employee’s lives such as health and wellness programs, financial planning, child day care, and much more, logic dictates helping them make more informed real estate decisions makes sense. Given that most often an employee’s home constitutes their single largest investment and has a direct impact on all the key items mentioned as well as their day-to-day attitude, the impact of uninformed real estate decisions has the potential of being significant.

This new program is designed to empower employees with relevant knowledge regarding the local real estate market in which they live as well as other real estate items that will help them obtain their own personal goals. It will utilize and provide both overall employee data as well as that available from external sources to show more detailed demographic information. In addition, ongoing seminars and instructional information will be made available on an ongoing basis. The program is designed to eliminate any potential conflict with Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity Housing regulations as it in no way steers employees; it simply is the “source of the source” of relevant information. Again, the program is designed to empower employees in making more informed decisions for their real estate needs and goals which in turn help meet the firm’s objectives.

In addition to driving the key corporate initiatives listed previously, several other benefits are expected to be obtained but with somewhat less direct metric driven results such as:

  • Increased mindshare among co-workers
  • Green initiatives
  • Potential inadequacies of home working environments

Helping employees make more informed decisions regarding their personal real estate ultimately allows them to increase one’s overall standard of enjoyment, decrease anxiety and stress and potentially can create strong financial benefits.

Mr. Stevens understands the underlying issues at hand as he has been responsible for more than twenty-five years managing large multi-national organizations. Most often, he has overseen several locations on different continents simultaneously and been had several thousand individuals under his supervision. His background incorporates information systems/high technology as well as both front office and back office business process support firms. In the past few years, he has worked helping organizations transform their companies by implementing new programs and systems setting the foundation for those firms obtaining a competitive edge.

This new program arose as a result of Mr. Stevens obtaining a Realtor license allowing him to be more directly involved with both commercial and residential real estate. This began based on discussions on what global location, be it on-shore, near-shore or off-shore, should be utilized to fulfill the needs of client companies. It lead to in depth thought, numerous discussions with affiliated personnel and several university scholars on how personal real estate decisions effect an employee’s performance and overall corporate objectives. The result was the creation of this program.

To learn more about this program, its potential benefits and how it could be implemented within an organization, please contact:

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