Seminar for parents, students and alums – new home alternatives

As the father of two relatively recent graduates from Arizona State University, I am acutely aware of the issues and the feelings of being nervous, fearful, anxious and excited inside every parent and student, especially as graduation day approaches. The primary focus most often is where one would expect it to be – beginning a new career, starting an even higher level of education, finishing on a strong note, etc.

Quite often, one of the main items entering a student’s thought process during this period is locating a new place to live once they graduate. This certainly is affected by many factors such as where the student lives currently, job location and as a parent perhaps the most important factor, having a job period. A substantial number of students frankly become overwhelmed at all these critical issues coming at them at the same time. Given that moving and career change create two of the most stressful conditions, who could possibly blame them. Perhaps because of this, more often than not these new entrants into the workplace wind up making uninformed decisions regarding their new homes as frankly they are not aware of the alternatives available to them and the financial impact of the decisions they are making.

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